Tips On Caring For Your Feet

For many people around the world, having their feet massaged is one of the most pleasurable experiences in their daily lives. Yet, for some folks, it is a painful experience that is best not repeated. People whose jobs involve lots of standing throughout the day such as shop assistants or hairdressers particularly enjoy foot massages more than other people. All the stress that has been accumulated in the body throughout the day can easily be eliminated by having a good foot massage.

If you are one of those people who dislike foot massages even if it’s done lightly because you think it’s too painful, there is a good alternative solution. Soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water is as comfortable as getting a massage. Make sure you add a few drops of essential oils into the water.

Your feet will feel very comfortable and quite a lot softer after you have soaked them for about fifteen minute. Very often, you will feel more inclined to enjoy a light massage after soaking you feet in a bowl of warm water.

What if you are too lazy to drive all the way to get a foot massage after soaking them? There are some very good home DIY solutions for this. You can use a golf ball or some marbles to massage your feet in your own home. Make sure you are seated comfortably. Put the golf ball or marble on the floor and place your foot on top of it. Gently roll the ball forward and backward under your foot. Do this one foot at a time. By doing so, it is easy for you to determine the amount of pressure that you want to exert and target specific parts of your foot that requires relief.

Else, if you have a bit of money to spare, just buy yourself a foot roller. Foot rollers are easily available in stores and internet shopping sites. Majority of foot rollers sold in the market are made from wood. It is shaped like a small rolling pin where the surface is corrugated. These corrugations give the foot the needed massage when you roll it along the floor under your foot.

If you have never done any of the above, give your tired feet a treat and try it today.