Tips For Getting Ripped As A Teenager…since Looks Do Matter

With the need to look, smell and be ‘hot’, using the lingo of most teens, it’s no wonder that teenagers can sometimes be found in the magazine aisles of supermarkets and drug-stores flipping through such magazines as “Men’s Health” and “Ripped”

Hey, perhaps very little attracts the opposite sex than a guy who looks and is fit!
Even little kids are aware of that.

However, while you’re probably concerned about how you look, it may not be possible to change much at this stage in your life because your body is still growing and changing.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you should avoid some basic exercise suggestions for teenagers such as strength and cardiovascular training.

Both forms of exercise are good for you, but they need to be catered to fit your present age and stage in life and to ensure that it is actually not detrimental to the teen’s growth.

These tips include the following points:

1. Weight training for teenagers should be based on a teen’s present muscular ability and progressively increased as strength improves.

2. Movements should be slow and in control.

3. To avoid stunted growth in teenagers, go slow with the weight training.

4. Look into incorporating some body-weight calisthenics and aerobic exercises into your regimen for the best results.

5. Last but not least, in regards to exercise suggestions for teenagers, one factor cannot be overlooked…you must eat a proper and healthy diet. Not only will this help with your weight training, it will see to it that other nuisances of adolescence such as acne, bad-breath and body odor are kept at bay.