The Beauty Schools in Phoenix

Most people think that the top beauty schools are hair and makeup, but there is much more to the professional world of beauty and beauty than just hairdressing and cosmetic artistry. There are many different options if you’re going to beauty school, and the career options for graduates are even more various. It’s important to consider all the specializations you can choose from, not just hair and makeup, if you’re going to beauty school.

The requirements of beauty schools are vary from one state to another, from licensing to education requisites. In many state-licensed beauty schools, a certificate course in general beauty takes approximately one year to finish while other more prestigious beauty schools offer much longer courses. Specialized, non-hairstyle courses such as manicures, pedicures, and make up courses are usually shorter in duration, lasting anywhere from two to three weeks to six months.
The courses that are related to the beauty field can be of different types. They can be the short term courses or the long term courses. The institutes that are accredited are the reliable professional schools to get the professional training related to the beauty career. You can choose the beauty field of your interest like beauty, esthetician, hair styling, as well as manicure and nail artist.

Here are a few of the best beauty school specializations other than hair and makeup:

Massage Therapy

This may not necessarily be a beauty specialization, but since many beauty schools offer massage therapy programs, it’s definitely worth mentioning. Massage therapists often work in salons and spas and sell various beauty products, so their job goes hand in hand with other beauty careers. And since being healthy and happy makes you more beautiful, this really isn’t much of a stretch to call massage therapy a beauty career.


This is the broadest beauty school specialization that will take the most time to complete a degree in, but you will be prepared for a variety of jobs if you choose this specialization. You could open up your own beauty product storefront, photo studio or salon, or enter into a variety of jobs once you get your degree.


Estheticians are skin care specialists. In this career, you may be responsible for giving facials, selling products or doing more technically advanced procedures, such as laser hair removal.


Many beauty schools offer Esthiology degrees, which prepare students for careers as beauty product specialists. These specialists make sure products are safe and reliable for consumers or work as writers and even photographers for beauty magazines and makeup companies.

Nail Technician

As long as women are concerned with their beauty, they will want their nails to look good. If you specialize in nails at beauty school, you will be prepared to become a licensed nail technician at a salon, which requires doing manicures, pedicures and other treatments with proper safety and sterilization techniques, as well as a certain level of artistry.

Remember, the best beauty schools usually offer different beauty courses that are both long term as well as the short term courses. The students usually collect the further information related to the beauty schools of the city by contacting the office staffs of the schools or they can do a hassle free online search and go through the official websites of the institutes for the easy information collection.

If you are looking for the best beauty schools in Phoenix, you can review them through online. Most of them have best feature classes such us 600 Hour Aesthetics Program, Aesthetics for Medical Office, Professional Makeup Artistry and also Continuing Education Classes. The students also get the opportunity to work with the industry professionals and also to serve the actual customers and clients for the professional working experience.

When you enroll for any beauty courses you can also get the financial aid, like the beauty course providing school will offer the scholarship plan as a financial aid. You can also get the aid from the federal financial assistance. The beauty schools have impressive infrastructure and students are provided with the best school related amenities and facilities. The nail art course is also famous among the students. In the course the students learn the modern and trendy nail styling arts and designs to give a non conventional look to the nails. The students are also specialized in different nail related services like manicure, pedicure, acrylic nails, gel nails, nail wraps, artificial nails as well as hand and foot massages.