Is It Safe to Play Football?

I can not figure out if my friend Carl is pushing his boy too hard or not. He is a good football player, but he is still in junior high school and it is not like he is so good that they are pushing him to the varsity squad already. The really great players are so good in high school that they end up playing four years at a high school. He is going to pay for him to go see a Denver sports performance coach and then try to get him bigger stronger and faster. Of course I am not so sure that I would encourage a son to play football any more. I played in high school when I was younger and I would have played in college if they had asked me to do it, or at least offered to give me a scholarship. I was too busy to play the game for free, I had to work and I had to take care of my studies.

At any rate I am talking about the risk of brain injury, which is a lot worse for some players than it is for others. The players in the trenches are basically ramming into one another about fifty times a game at the least, that is when they are being replaced for part of the game. In the case of a running back they are getting so beat up that it is costing them to lose money in the NFL. They know that the running backs are going to get beat up and probably will only last a couple of years, so that gives the teams the right to decide that they can pay them less. It is a pretty strange situation when you use the fact that you are physically using up a man against him.