I Like What I See in the Mirror

I had never even heard of waist trainers until my cousin came to see me a few months ago. She looked incredible, which is not something I would have said about her before. I know that sounds awful, but it is just the truth. She had gone on a diet though, and she had such an incredible shape as a result. When I asked her what she did, she explained about dieting and exercising, but she also said that she had started wearing waist trainers because she was still not as satisfied with her shape as she had hoped to be after losing that much weight.

I was beyond impressed, and I was also conscious of the way my own body looked. I have never been the type to not like how I look, but I did know after seeing her that I could definitely be doing better. She told me the site that she went to for her own waist trainers, and I was able to read about the history of the company and also their products. I really liked everything that I saw on that site, including the really nice style of all the trainers.

I had a hard time understanding exactly what they were with my cousin’s explanation, but they are basically just corsets. And, might I add, they are very sexy corsets at that. I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted, so I actually got two of them. Their were directions as well because they are not able to be worn non-stop at first. It has to be built up to wearing them for more than a few hours at a time. I have been wearing mine for a few months now, and I really like what I am seeing when I look in the mirror!