Choose The Best Security Lock For Protecting The Private Data’s

Smart hone is very important to do lots of activities like email, calling, surfing the internets. And it also saves lots of information’s, photos and videos which are private and it must be protected from the user. So it is important that the mobile users should know the security application in which it helps to protect the private information. By keeping the se3cuirty in the mind China introduced the best and new privacy protection app ‘Leo master privacy guard’, which can be used in an Android mobile.

Special And Attractive Features Of Leo Master App

Lots of people are using this app and they believe that this will protect the smart phone from data loss and from hacking. This app meets all the requirements of the people and it safeguards all the important ant privet application from the third person. This app will avoid the others to access the inflammations like an email inbox, contact details, photos, videos and many others. The user can feel more relaxed and comfort to protect the mobile phone.

This app not only protects the app, it also boosts the mobile phone which helps the smart phone to run well. Many fun features are there in this Leo Applock. This app can be hidden from strangers by using the fun cover themes. Four fun cover themes are there in which most of the users like is unknown caller.

This will appear like unknown person is calling your phone when the app is accessed by a third person. Other then this fingerprint scanner is also there in which the app is unlocked by taping the finger three times. These features make the app, photos and data secured. This app is also helpful in case if the user loses the phone. The Leo Privacy Guard will ask for the pattern or password to unlock the app.